Take care of your mental health this lockdown!

It’s not the news we wanted or expected but we’ve done this before, and we can do it again!

Some anxiety is normal as we live through this COVID-19 Pandemic. Allow yourself time to notice & express what you’re feeling and if you feel like you are not coping remember it’s ok to ask for help.


Here are 6 key ways to help take care of your mental health while staying at home:

  1. Connect & check in on family, friends and neighbours and people who might need help with grocery shopping but may not want to ask for help. Text, calling or facetime all work.
  2. Look after your physical wellbeing. Exercise lifts your mood so why not try an online fitness class or go for a walk around your neighbourhood? You could set a fitness goal for the week i.e. 4 walks per week with the dog.
  3. Set the table with your best china once this week and enjoy the company of those in your bubble. Now is the time to be present and make the most of this time with your bubble.
  4. Write a bucket list & set some goals for the future (because this less than ideal situation isn’t forever)
  5. Set a daily routine and small goals to achieve each day (this helps keep structure in your day & gives a sense of purpose).
  6. Create a gratitude notebook. When you wake up each morning write down three things you are grateful for. This will help you set up your day for a positive mindset. It is so easy to dwell on negatively at this time and to get through this lockdown we need to reset ourselves daily and having an attitude of gratitude helps. When you feel down look at your gratitude list and remind yourself how lucky you are compared to others in the world right now!


Remember, we may be in isolation, but we are in this together and we will get through this!

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